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Our philosophy in recipes, ingredients and techniques is quite unique.  Our thesis is that the hardest recipes to execute are the simplest ones.  This is not what most chefs choose to pursue, as they try to innovate their own dishes and try new recipes.  Our approach is to scientifically study and experiment to replicate the best flatbread, kebap, simply grilled fish, and other well known dishes.  The perfection of these dishes require a zen-like focus on details, replication of ingredients that come from local region and other small but important details that is not usually captured in recipe formulas that truly differentiate average from perfect.   We admire a street vendor that has perfected a single dish over 30 years more than a three Michelin star restaurant.



We started our humble operation in 2016.  Our goal is to open a restaurant soon.  Currently we only cater to specific events.  My passion to cook comes from my late aunt Melek, who was the best chef in the world.

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